Diploma & Award Framing

Why Diploma Framing?

Framed diplomas and transcripts occupy the pivotal position in the lives of many people, particularly, for the professionals and the recent graduates. So, is our service for them for the diploma framing for those professionals who want to keep their achievement of the life in front of them for whole the day or even for whole the life.

Keeping the sentiments of the diploma holders in front of our professional life as the diploma framing shop, we offer the followings for the custom diploma framing:

  • Protection of your worthy diploma and other transcripts are most important part of our custom diploma framing services. We assure you that your diplomas and degrees will not be damaged during the process of diploma framing.
  • Quality is our that ingredient which is not bargained or compromised at any price or cost.
  • Being one of the leading diploma framing company in the region, we offer the many prestigious and professionally made designs for your hard earned and high valued diploma. These diploma frames are made as per liking of the many previous customers who got their diplomas framed from our diploma framing services at DC Framing shop.
  • For the diploma framing services, the best and high quality materials are used. As the diplomas are to be kept hanging upon the wall of home for a longer periods of time or for life long, the very strong and durable materials are applied to make the framing for your diploma.
  • Commitment to complete the job in-time and delivery of the framed diploma at the stipulated time and place is the one most prominent characteristic of our shop, DC Framing Shop, for diploma framing services in USA.

Discounted Framing for the Diploma Framing

For the lovers of education and diplomas, we offer special and heavy discount. If the diploma framing is done for the group, we also offer the free collection of the original diploma from your door steps and its delivery back after framing. Special discount is also there for the diploma framing seekers if the diplomas are framed for the bulk and yet for the diploma awarding school.

Due to our professional commitment and our zest for the highest possible quality, there are many schools and graduate alumni in contractual commitment with us to provide the high quality framing service and still at the reasonable rates. This is the height of our professionalism of our work force at DC Framing shop in the Capital area.

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