Gallery Wall Framing

Gallery wall framing is one of the most important type of framing for the home as the gallery occupies the pivotal place in whole the house or other premises. For the best gallery wall framing service, the custom gallery wall framing is commonly followed.

Gallery wall framing in USA is treated as the specialized job which requires highly trained and professional framers. For the purpose, when the client visits the gallery framing shop in the town and asks for the framing for entire gallery wall, we request the customer to arrange the visit of the house of customer for the custom gallery wall framing service. This visit is either performed for the small professional fee or if the gallery wall framing services are to be done for many photos, images or the art work, then the service fee to visit the premises is waived.

During the visit to the premises, the gallery wall professional framer performs the following functions:

  • Measurement of the gallery wall area: First of all, the gallery wall area is measured to design for the arrangement of the framed photos and art pieces.
  • Color of the gallery wall is noted: The next thing to do is to note the color of the gallery wall so that the photo frames can be made according to the back ground color.
  • Selection of the desired photos and art pieces: Now is the time to select the desired photo of the higher density and color resolution from the collection of the customer.
  • The sizes of the photo and their frames: And, the final step is to propose the photos and the frames of different sizes for the gallery wall.
  • Framing process begins: Then there comes the framing process. Now, different colored frames and their designs are suggested to customer. After the approval from customer, the framing process is started at the gallery wall framing company.
  • Delivery and hanging of the framed photos and art pieces: And the end of whole the gallery framing process, the framed photos are delivered and hanged at gallery wall of the home of the customer.  

After the careful selection and the framing of the photos and art pieces, the framed photos and art pieces are finalized and delivered at the door steps of the dwelling of the customer. But, this process does not end here as the satisfied customer keeps on getting framing his or her newer photos for the remaining parts of the house as well.

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